How to become an official training provider:

The workforce development system established under the Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act emphasizes informed consumer choices, job-driven training, provider performance, and continuous improvement. The quality and selection of providers and training services programs is vital to achieving these core principles.

Both new and existing training providers must comply with certain requirements as part of the process.

Who can qualify as an eligible training provider?

  • Institutions of higher education (eligible to receive Title IV funding) that provide a program which leads to a recognized post-secondary credential for occupations listed on the regional targeted occupation list.
  • Entities that carry out programs registered under the National Apprenticeship Act
  • Public/Private Providers, such as joint labor-management organizations
  • Community based organizations, which provide occupational skills training to the public
  • Adult Education and Literacy Activities that are provided in combination with occupational skills training
  • Currently licensed by the Florida Department of Education Commission for Independent Education (CIE)
  • Is in current good standings with their accrediting agency
  • Participate in the Florida Education & Training Placement Information Program (FETPIP)

If I become a training provider what can I expect?

  • Approved training providers will be reviewed annually to ensure programs are meeting industry needs.
  • Program completion and placement rates will also be reviewed to ensure the regional workforce boards are training for in-demand occupations that lead to successful outcomes.
  • The training program must provide a national or industry-recognized credential
  • CSCF funds up to $5,000 for training in targeted occupations.
  • Occupations must be in demand and on the regional targeted occupation list.
  • CSCF’s approved Training list is published in July and January of each fiscal year. Fiscal year is from July to June.
  • CareerSource Central Florida reviews and verifies all training provider information and submits a recommendation to the CSCF Board of Directors. If approved, the training program will be added to the training list.


Training Provider Application Information:

  • Submit a training provider application through the link below, during the application process period.
  • New providers receive “Initial Eligibility” for only one (1) full year, after that they follow the “Existing Eligibility” process.
  • Supply verifiable program-specific performance information. Specific program performance questions will be asked on the application.
  • Successful performance is required to be considered for “Existing Eligibility” applications.

Training Program Eligibility Criteria

  • “Successful performance” means that the institution accurately follows CareerSource Central Florida financial procedures and the programs performance standards are:
    • 75% completion rate
    • 75% placement rate
  • Failure to meet performance by new and existing training providers may lead to the program being removed from the training provider list until the performance meets the requirements.
  • All programs must be part of high growth industries.
  • All programs must be short term (one year or less).
  • All programs total cost must be $8,000 or less.

For further inquiries about training provider eligibility and inclusion in the regional training provider list please email

The next application period is scheduled to open on April 16, 2018.  Programs and Providers submitting at that time will be considered for a July 1, 2018 start date.