Click below to see highlights from this year’s 24th Annual Florida Sterling Council Conference.


CareerSource Central Florida team members in attendance learned methods for applying the Sterling Process to further tailor our organization’s efficiency and innovation in delivering recruitment and training solutions to our region’s businesses and career seekers.

CareerSource Central Florida is pleased to continue our pursuit of excellence by beginning our journey with the Florida Sterling Council. We endeavor to provide tailored recruitment solutions to businesses and career seekers within our five-county region covering Sumter, Lake, Orange, Osceola, and Seminole counties, while continuously innovating and improving our methods of delivery.


As a not-for-profit 501c(3) organization endorsed by the Governor, the Florida Sterling Council assists private and public businesses in delivering better operations, cost savings, and customer and employee engagement – all which directly affect our bottom line.


Through this process, our organization will focus comprehensively on areas including the following:


  • Improved leadership and management skills, processes, and accountability
  • Increased workforce engagement and accountability
  • Establishment of system-wide measures and sound operating processes
  • Increased commitment to and use of continuous improvement methods
  • Reductions in cost, errors, rework
  • Improved strategic, customer, and workforce results
  • Enhanced public perception
  • Recognition for improved performance and potentially, the Governor’s Sterling Award.