A Story of Success – Navigating From Veteran to Civilian Career Path

A Story of Success – Navigating From Veteran to Civilian Career Path

by | Mar 22, 2017

CareerSource Central Florida was recently honored to work with a disabled Veteran in helping him find gainful employment locally. Between a long and productive relationship with a global management firm and our team of dedicated Business Services Consultants, CSCF was able to connect this highly-skilled Veteran with a new career…and a new start in Central Florida.

It’s a familiar story, but one we never grow tired of telling…or hearing. And it’s a story that is really just beginning. Our Veteran friend had struggled to find work after his discharge from the Army.

His story continues…

From the Army, he arrived in Central Florida in early November 2016, and soon thereafter began in earnest his search for work in the Central Florida region. But success eluded him…and continued to elude him. Though he received some job offers in the Tampa and Melbourne areas due to his expertise in the military, he had his heart set on staying in Central Florida.

After attending several job fairs in the area with nary a nibble of interest, our Veteran’s luck would soon change. At a job fair in Orlando, he met CareerSource Central Florida (CSCF) Events/Outreach Manager Homer Boone, who introduced him to Russell Vickery, one of our Business Services Consultant-Recruiters. Homer and Russell were there to meet and assist any and all career seekers at the event, and they quickly set about working with our Veteran friend, who shared his situation with Russell, including his fruitless search for work in the Central Florida region. Russell immediately asked for his resume, which he provided on the spot, despite it being his last copy. Russell took a brief look and instantly shared information about opportunities available at a human resources company with a global reach. They discussed qualifications and the company, which turned out to be one with which our Veteran was quite familiar.

From his advice, our Veteran friend went straight home and applied for a job with that company. Within two weeks, he received a phone call. “Every single time, before I spoke with the company’s representatives, I [first] spoke with Russell to prepare me for the interview and how I could ‘nail it.’ He was a valuable asset and helped me out so much in landing this job.” But not just this job – our friend found other contract work because of the mentoring Russell offered him.

“I have always been a little nervous, but when he told me that companies are looking for upbeat personnel that have the willingness to learn and grow,” he was able to turn on the confidence and apply at two additional companies, where he works part-time.

“I am just as busy as how I used to be in the military. I am used to being a workaholic and making the most of the day…I will be happy, for I just needed something to push me through these months until I can have my family in our own home…”

Despite filling most days with good work, our friend makes sure to spend time at the beach with family and friends every weekend. “It all started with a simple conversation. Now I am an active person contributing to society once again.”

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