Week of 7-10: Summer Pell Grants & Cyber Attacks

Week of 7-10: Summer Pell Grants & Cyber Attacks

This week:

Good things happen when common sense meets formal education. Add federal funding, and you get a trifecta of success! Qualifying college students will soon be able to apply Pell Grants toward summer semesters, allowing them to pursue education year-round. For some, this means continuing momentum they worked so hard to build; for others, it’s a chance to stay afloat or even get ahead. Studies show that students who are immersed in continuous study – or at least take shorter breaks – retain more. This news is especially beneficial to low-income students, who may not otherwise have support to help keep them on track.

Summer Pell Grants

Looking ahead:

Cyber-attacks are escalating, and over the summer we may, unfortunately, expect another one. This year seems busier, with the latest global attack taking place just last week. Security vulnerabilities are more exposed as malware development outpaces defenses. Large companies like Target and Home Depot have been hit, but smaller and non-typical targets are in just as much, if not more, danger as virtual anonymity virtually vanishes. Some good news? We’ll need more highly-trained, intelligent and creative people capable of filling the new jobs created to protect us. And our local colleges and tech schools are poised to beef up programs to offer more tech training.

Cyber Attacks

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