Week of 7-31: Coffee & Rock ‘n Brews Vets Fundraiser

Week of 7-31: Coffee & Rock ‘n Brews Vets Fundraiser

This week:

Sometimes it’s little things that make a difference. Amid all the bad news about Americans’ diets, last week a medical journal reported that 3 cups of coffee a day is not only good for me, but might actually help me live longer! The report praised coffee’s antioxidant qualities, or some such magical elements. While men tend to see better results drinking coffee, women get an almost 10% chance of living longer! I’ll take what I can get, especially when the benefit comes in such a delicious brew. And just my luck — a new coffee shop opened in my building downtown…drink up!


Looking ahead:

I had the opportunity last Saturday to dine at the Orlando Rock & Brews – the rock-fueled eatery promoted by KISS founders Gene Simmons and Paul Stanley near Epic Theatre on Semoran. These “veteran” rockers will be in town in early August to host a Veteran’s fundraiser at the Orlando location. The only thing that could make a burger/band/brew combination better is knowing that proceeds from this event will benefit the Orlando Fisher House, a non-profit that supports Central Florida military families. Check it out, and maybe get a picture with these iconic rockers, too – Cool!

Rock ‘n Brews Vets Fundraiser

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