Week of 8-7: Lower Speed Limits & School Starts

Week of 8-7: Lower Speed Limits & School Starts

This week:

Florida lawmakers added speed plus safety…and came up with 25 mph. Increased speed limits plus too many traffic deaths prompted a change to lower speeds on some Florida roadways. Reducing speed limits to 25 mph could save lives on Orlando roads. I like the change, but would also love to see a way to consistently assess drivers’ skills. Tourism brings drivers from all over the world, but with inconsistent driving practices. Let’s hope motorists both understand the speed changes and abide by them – that goes double for NOT texting while driving!

Lower Speed Limits

Looking ahead:

Is it the end of summer vacation already? For most Central Florida students, this week marks the return to school. Student populations in Central Florida are up; budgets are down (mostly), and teachers will continue to need to channel their inner MacGyvers in the classroom – doing more with less – all while educating our future workforce. It never ceases to amaze me regarding the sheer number of students –200,000 plus in Orange and 73,000 in Seminole, not to mention the influx of yellow buses and cars on our roadways. Take it slow on your way to work next week.

School Starts

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