Workforce Professional Development & Halloween

Workforce Professional Development & Halloween

This week:

Workforce Professional Development

This week Orlando hosted the Workforce Professional Development Summit– as it does every year – for hundreds of workforce service providers across the state to converge and share insights, best practices, and ideas.  By working together with other state agencies, we make our local workforce boards part of a vibrant statewide community.  Earlier this month I attended the Investing in America’s Workforce Conference – a national event hosted by the Federal Reserve System – that brought together workforce professionals from across the country to address the importance of investing in workforce services.  A stronger workforce supports a stronger economy…and makes a stronger community.

Looking ahead:


I love Halloween…and I’m not afraid (pun intended) to admit it.  My traditions skew “old school,” and include reading a scary book (I have the one and only Stephen King reading Bag of Bones to me on Audible), where the eerie combination of his incredible storytelling and my overactive imagination can really ratchet up the fear factor.  I also try to catch some scary movies.  My favorites don’t include gore; deep ghostly-types, like Ghost Story or The Others are more my speed – goosebumps, anyone? And of course I indulge in all things pumpkin – pumpkin spice lattes, Lara bars, etc.

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