Veterans Day & Job Fairs

Veterans Day & Job Fairs

This week:

Veterans Day

The annual Paychecks for Patriots Veterans hiring event was this week, which connects Veterans and their spouses with local employment opportunities. To all who have served or will one day serve…Thank You!  It seems more important than ever to acknowledge and honor their commitment to risk their lives every day to protect our freedoms.  No family is unaffected by Veterans, whether through family, friend, acquaintance, or by making this their home.  My parents both served – they actually met at Fort Sill, OK during WW II (Paris would have been so much cooler), and remained married for 63 years! To all Veterans…WE salute YOU!

Looking ahead:

Job Fairs

Local efforts abound in helping our friends, neighbors, and evacuees in recovering from the effects of Hurricanes Irma and Maria.  This Thursday, a community partnership to help evacuees to Central Florida find jobs is taking place in Kissimmee at the CSCF Osceola Career Services Center on Vine Street.  Businesses throughout the region are eager to embrace the multitude of talent coming into our community, as well as the incredible talent we already have here. And while there are many jobs available, community leaders must continue to seek solutions and state support to increase affordable housing options.

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