Maria Jobs & Thanksgiving

Maria Jobs & Thanksgiving

This week:

Maria Jobs

The Governor held a roundtable discussion this past week in Kissimmee to discuss efforts relating to the Hurricane Maria response.  Thousands of storm evacuees have chosen Central Florida as their ultimate destination to be near family, but also to build a new life and gain sustainable jobs.  Local companies are already stepping up and hosting hiring events throughout our region to make a positive impact.  Our community is certainly willing to welcome those impacted by Maria, but we need state and federal planning and support to address the influx of citizens and their families.

Looking ahead:


Aside from my expanding waistline, I would celebrate Thanksgiving every month.  I love this holiday — friends, family, parades, dog shows and football!  I enjoy the themed décor, delicious smells, and togetherness.  The holiday also provides a (short) respite from work.  With all our modern day conveniences, it’s easy to forget the origin of the holiday is not so festive.  Over 375 years ago, the Pilgrims, wishing to escape religious oppression, risked their lives by sailing across the Atlantic, and then suffering (and dying) during harsh New England winters. Although they suffered tremendously, after just one year they celebrated a successful harvest.  Be thankful!

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