Migraine Medicine & #metoo

Migraine Medicine & #metoo

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Migraine Medicine

Migraines affect 38 million Americans, and are the third most prevalent illness in the world.  Nearly 85% of chronic migraine sufferers are women; I know I’ve experienced them my entire life. Migraines can often be severe enough to keep the sufferer from being able to sleep, work, or engage in anything productive.  Medication in pill form has had mixed results, but last week a promising study reported trials featuring two migraine-specific, long-acting drugs in (monthly) shot form.  This news gives me and millions of others new hope.  This new medicine could reduce occurrences to less than 3 a month.  Even one less is welcome.

Looking ahead:


Lately every time I turn on the news, I expect to hear about another case of sexual harassment in the workplace … and unfortunately the odds are that at some point, the news will hit closer to our community.  Companies across the country are relying heavily on their Human Resources departments to help them navigate the issue, from training and counseling to lay-offs and legal action – though many aren’t as prepared or equipped as they may think.  Given the current spotlight on sexual harassment, all organizations could best position themselves by ensuring they understand what is … and isn’t …acceptable.

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