Apple Slows Older iPhones & New Year Thoughts

Apple Slows Older iPhones & New Year Thoughts

This week:

Apple Slows Older iPhones

Last week, Apple admitted to intentionally slowing down older iPhones.  Apple claims it acted out of caution to prevent devices from shutting down unexpectedly, which would happen if the phone’s battery or operating system got overwhelmed with new content.  However, the company may have far less honorable reasons, namely “inspiring” users to upgrade their phones to newer pricey versions.  Both my husband and I have noticed our older iPhones performing slower, especially after updating the system.  Apple’s tactics leave me a bit conflicted, irritated and sad; I prefer the intuitive IOS over Android.  I hope this bad Apple approach doesn’t spoil the bunch!

Looking ahead:

New Year Thoughts

Wow! Another year older and a new one just begun.  Predicting 2018 is an adventure in and of itself!  Year two of the Trump administration…tax code changes…and not to be too pessimistic, but we’ll probably lose a few more rock & rollers from the aging Baby Boomers.  Then again, on the plus side, Central Florida could see another year of record tourism.  The new year will most likely bring thousands of new Florida residents, leaving hurricane devastation behind in the Caribbean.  As for me, I have a big birthday coming up later in 2018 – yes 39 again!  Happy New Year!

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