Homeless Youth & Orange County Economic Summit

Homeless Youth & Orange County Economic Summit

This week:

Homeless Youth

A new study from Chapin Hall shows that 1 in 10 youth nationwide were homeless over the past year, proving again that homelessness is not exclusive to the elderly and disabled – it crosses all social, racial, geographic, and economic strata. Rising housing costs are partly to blame for this largely hidden issue among our youth; the study also shows that kids who run away from home are more likely to face homelessness as adults.   Central Florida’s Commission on Homelessness is working with Chapin Hall to identify successful strategies for ending homelessness among Central Florida’s younger homeless; it will take the whole community.

Looking ahead:

Orange County Economic Summit

A milestone each January is the Orange County Economic Summit, presented by Orange County Mayor Teresa Jacobs.  This year’s Summit takes place January 19th at the Orange County Convention Center, and promises to deliver some stark insights into the year ahead concerning the region’s economic landscape.  Our resident sharp and witty economist, Sean Snaith, Ph.D. will share his insights, as will several leading scholars, entrepreneurs, and community leaders on what to expect in 2018.  Always eye-opening and informative, this event is a great way to start the new year with forecasting and exchange of fresh ideas.

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