Retail Changes & Olympics in South Korea

Retail Changes & Olympics in South Korea

This week:

Retail Changes

You know things are bad for brick and mortar retail when Walmart starts closing its Sam’s Club stores. We’re talking Walmart!  Retail as we know it is more than disrupted – it’s blown up.  I’m as guilty as anyone; I love that I can order everything from makeup to creamer to shoes while sitting comfortably on my couch.  But the thought of never going anywhere to shop has other implications – inactivity and feeling anti-social, to name a few.  Retailers, not surprisingly, are reaching outside the box (store) to get creative, smartly using technology to fight…technology, with robot carts and digital mirrors, oh my.

Looking ahead:

Olympics in South Korea

I can already feel it (and not much else, thanks to the cold) in the air – the thrill of victory… and the agony of defeat.  I’m talking Olympics – not Wide World of Sports, whose tagline I unapologetically appropriated. South Korea is hosting this year’s games, which could bring some off-the-ice drama, given its neighbor.  But the Olympics, for me, are all about the competition – I love winter sports – skiing, ice skating, luge (Okay, I mostly love watching them on TV in my cozy, warm Orlando living room).  Let’s hope this year’s games allow world-class athletics to take the gold.

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