Social Media Moratorium & Tax Time

Social Media Moratorium & Tax Time

This week:

Social Media Moratorium

I salivated over an article last week describing how Krispy Kreme fans were choosing the next flavor — I just started the Whole 30 diet!  Really, less diet and more reset, Whole 30 promotes healing from the inside by eliminating known inflammatory foods for a month.   I cut out yummy things (chocolate, wine, doughnuts!), and also decided to cleanse my mind with a break from Facebook.  As I finish 30 days, I’ve never felt better – body, mind and spirit (and no need to document with a selfie)!  A Reset is a great start to 2018.

Looking ahead:

Tax Time

Starting in February, Americans can file their taxes.  This year is special in that it’s probably the last year many of us will need to itemize, since the standard deduction for individuals and families is practically doubling. While filing taxes is complicated, it’s critical for low income families who receive not only their tax refund, but also Earned Income Tax Credit.  There are many non-profits, like Goodwill and United Way, who provide free tax assistance. Also, filers beware of splashy tax refund advance advertisements that offer immediate refunds, but come with expensive consequences – hefty fees or high interest loans.

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