Retail Shifts & EPCOT Flower and Garden Blooms

Retail Shifts & EPCOT Flower and Garden Blooms

This week:

Retail Shifts

Two recent articles documented big shifts in retail – one about Winn Dixie’s parent company struggling with its 3rd bankruptcy, the other about a merger between Albertsons and Rite-Aid.  Online ease of shopping is creating seismic shifts in the retail sector that are creating avalanche effects.  Last year, CVS bought Aetna in an effort to re-position itself in the healthcare market.  It’s likely these movements will benefit consumers, but may have disruptive consequences on the retailers’ workforces, i.e., position reductions. Who is next? Perhaps pet care stores? I’ve already switched to buying Blue Buffalo dog food online due to price and convenience.

Looking ahead:

EPCOT Flower and Garden Blooms

You can almost smell it in the air. EPCOT’s annual Flower and Garden show runs from February 28th – May 28th; with 15 outdoor kitchens … oodles of Disney character topiaries … and concerts from one-hit-wonder bands like Foghat and Survivor, to name a couple.  No matter the music, this is my favorite event at EPCOT.  I even enjoy it more than Food & Wine in the fall, since there is less indulgence of the -OH ethanol nature, and lots more of enjoying the food and garden events, with buds (lower case!) and blossoms.

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