OSCAR Comes Home & St. Patrick’s Day

OSCAR Comes Home & St. Patrick’s Day

This week:

OSCAR Comes Home

The Oscars have come and gone, leaving a trail of stardust, memes, Louis Vuitton and Armani designs in their wake.  Oddly enough this year, I’ve seen only one of the nine nominated films for Best Picture – “The Post” – which seems to me to have been largely overlooked by the Academy, despite being an excellent film. How exciting that there is a Central Florida connection to the revelry – Full Sail was involved with sound editing on Dunkirk – and earned an Oscar!  But as a sci-fi fan, I’m still not sure about “The Shape of Water”…

Looking ahead:

St. Patrick’s Day

Come March 17th, the entire world turns green. St. Patrick’s Day is my official Irish holiday (given that Ancestry tells me that I’m 17% Irish) – so I can officially go green with the best of ‘em. The U.S. claims 34.7 million Irish descendants, second only to German.  Interestingly, although St. Patrick converted the Irish to Christianity, he wasn’t Irish himself. But that didn’t stop him from becoming the Patron Saint of Ireland, and it doesn’t stop us from celebrating him at any of Orlando’s great venues – Celt & Harp, Raglan Road – and with parades and green fanfare!

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