Stephen Hawking Passes & Broadway Series

Stephen Hawking Passes & Broadway Series

This week:

Stephen Hawking Passes

A commanding voice in the universe went silent this week with the passing of Stephen Hawking.  I especially admired him and his vision for science and the stars, much like my dad.  More than a historic figure, world-class theoretical physicist, author, astronomer (the list literally goes on and on), Hawking was a man who made the most of life.  His contributions stretched from physics’ theory of everything to a being a recurring, real Idol to Big Bang’s Sheldon Cooper. He had the ability to embrace and use life’s challenges to exemplify grace and wit.  He taught us and made us laugh. He inspires still. He will surely be missed.  

Looking ahead:

Broadway Series

Whew! So glad I became a subscriber last year…I was able to get my season tickets for the 2018-2019 Orlando Broadway Series.  And what a season it’s going to be! I hear there’s already a waiting list – no surprises there – what with so many Tony-nominated and winning plays coming up.  Hamilton is, of course, my favorite – I must confess that I couldn’t wait, and snuck off to Chicago to see it last fall. It’s totally worth the wait, but just too good to wait for.  And the Dr. Phillips Center is the perfect venue! I’m willing to wait for the second time!

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