National Entrepreneur Center 15 Years & State Budget Slashes Arts Funding

National Entrepreneur Center 15 Years & State Budget Slashes Arts Funding

This week:

National Entrepreneur Center 15 Years

Has it been 15 years already!?  The National Entrepreneur Center, or NEC, marks its crystal anniversary in Orlando this year.  As the business brainchild of Disney, UCF, and Orange County, the NEC began shortly after the turn of the millennium. By bringing together the networking, strategizing, and financing resources of 14 local non-profits, chambers, and government-related agencies into one location, the NEC helps new or smaller businesses grow, expand, and strengthen. Innovative in its formation and approach to encouraging economic vitality through business success, our “consortium of collaboration” has coached and trained over 100,000 Central Florida companies…and counting.                

Looking ahead:

State Budget Slashes Arts Funding

I’ll admit to taking the state budget a little more personally this year.  This spring, I joined the Community Choir at Central Florida Community Arts.  The organization, and Josh Vickery, its leader, are inspirational, connecting all facets of the community to performance experiences.  There is something for all – instrument lessons, orchestra, programs for special-ability children and seniors with memory challenges, to name just a few.  These programs – and arts in general – add immensely to the vibrant “attraction culture” in Orlando, provide learning opportunities, and enrich our community.  Moving forward, they need continued support from the state and businesses.

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