Valencia Breaking Ground & Amazon Car Delivery

Valencia Breaking Ground & Amazon Car Delivery

This week:

Valencia Breaking Ground

Valencia College broke ground this week on two facilities that will change the way we build our regional talent pipeline. The Center for Accelerated Training and Careers will be built in Osceola County, and offer short-term training programs and language skills instruction to quickly move students from classroom to career. Industries ranging from construction to healthcare and manufacturing need highly-skilled workers – NOW – and this program will deliver. Perhaps this model of education, community, and workforce partners working together to assess a workforce/business need … and quickly and decisively creating a solution … can be duplicated with other opportunities, like education, homelessness, etc.?

Looking ahead:

Amazon Car Delivery

According to recent articles, Amazon wants to deliver packages directly to newer vehicles (select models from 2015 forward with the help of OnStar and Volvo On Call). Artificial intelligence and automation have been steadily (and rapidly) changing our lives for decades, with mixed results.  Recent newsmakers include driverless vehicles, unmanned delivery drones, and facial recognition.  If this is what’s next, I say ‘Bring it on!’ – as long as it means I can go shopping in one store while deliveries are made to the parking lot from another. Oh, the possibilities! Could sale-hunting terminators be far behind?

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