Facial Recognition at OIA, Everywhere & Sing Out Loud

Facial Recognition at OIA, Everywhere & Sing Out Loud

This week:

Facial Recognition at OIA, Everywhere

Coming soon to airports everywhere: facial recognition boarding passes.  Except it’s already here at OIA.  You know where else it is? My new laptop.  It’s, well, friendlier?  I open it up, and it scans my face and says, “Good Morning, Pam!”  Very efficient, unless I look off to the side, or my husband tries to use it. Then he needs my secret PIN code. Could be scary if I have a bad-hair day! What’s next, tracking me at my favorite theme parks – “Alert – guest has ridden Test Track three times in the last two hours!” Makes you pause!

Looking ahead:

Sing Out Loud

Next Thursday & Friday evening, Central Florida Community Arts (CFCA) presents Icons: A Salute to the Kings and Queens of Music, at Northland Church.   As a lover of music, and since it’s non-auditioned, I was accepted into the choir, which means yours truly is one of 300 community members singing and swaying to 40 years of hits by pop music icons. From Motown to Adele, there is something for all musical tastes. CFCA is also in the middle of a scholarship campaign to send hundreds of Central Florida kids to arts camp this summer.  Join the Celebration!

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