Mickey Mouse Turns 90 & Memorial Day

Mickey Mouse Turns 90 & Memorial Day

This week:

Mickey Mouse Turns 90

Happy Birthday, Mickey Mouse!  At a staggering 90 years old, he doesn’t look a day over, what, 25?  Like most, he had a less-than-auspicious start with a silent short, titled, “Plane Crazy.” Certainly a product of the times, Mickey’s since evolved, and did go on to launch a super-stardom career just a few months later, with “Steamboat Willie,” which kick-started it all.  From those humble beginnings, a mouse built a world-class tourist destination that helped Central Florida garner a record 72 million visitors to our community last year!   And the rest is history.

Looking ahead:

Memorial Day

Born in the aftermath of the American Civil War, which claimed more U.S. lives than any conflict in our storied history, Memorial Day honors the nearly 2 million men and women who have died while serving in the U.S. military.  Originally known as Decoration Day, it became a national holiday in 1971. I plan to spend the day with family and friends, and honor the sacrifice of so many by remembering and recognizing the price they paid for our freedoms.   Little known fact – Waterloo, NY (just 100 miles from my hometown of Buffalo) is federally recognized as the official birthplace of Memorial Day.

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