Royal Wedding & Free Beer and Hamburger Month

Royal Wedding & Free Beer and Hamburger Month

This week:

Royal Wedding

Everywhere I went this week, people were still talking about the royal wedding of Harry and Meghan Markle! Even my office had “afternoon tea” on Friday with fasteners, scones and toppers.  I’m not sure how to explain America’s fascination with the monarchy, especially after we fought so hard to break free of it (see Wikipedia’s entry for Boston Tea Party).  I wasn’t compelled to wake up at 4 a.m. to catch all the pomp and circumstance, but was fortunate to catch American Episcopal Bishop Michael Curry’s inspiring message to the royal couple – and actually to the world watching – a message of…love is…everything.

Looking ahead:

Free Beer and Hamburger Month

Great news to kick off summer – an old tradition returns, and a new one is discovered. First, free beer is back at Sea World, at least for the summer.  But I also just learned May is “national” Hamburger Month! Anyone who’s spent any time outside (or near a window) in the middle of a Florida summer can tell you nothing quenches a summer thirst like a cold, free beer (except, maybe, two).  And not much tastes better than grilled burgers – be they beef, turkey, salmon, or even veggie.  So bring on the heat, as long as I get my burgers and brews!

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