Alan Bean & Disney World Offerings

Alan Bean & Disney World Offerings

This week:

Alan Bean

I read the sad news of the passing of Alan Bean, the fourth man (in the history of … history!) to have walked on the moon.  Funny coincidence, I’m reading a book by Tom Hanks that includes the story, “Alan Bean Plus Four,” about friends who journey to the moon inspired by the Apollo astronaut.  I hadn’t thought much about it, but only 12 people, (12!)  have made that walk, and now only four remain. Will any of the 4 still be with us when (hopefully) NASA returns a human to the moon in 2025? It’s written in the stars.

Looking ahead:

Disney World Offerings

Surprise, Surprise (NOT!).  Walt Disney World is launching new attractions this summer. In an effort to grab a greater share of the 72 million Central Florida visitors to the Disney Parks, Hollywood Studios will open Toy Story Land in June.  Before summer ends, the Epcot Food & Wine Festival will kick off in August; more weeks of drinking around the world!  And by the end of the year, learn the ways of the Force we shall, while visiting the Black Spire Outpost at Galaxy’s Edge, coming soon to the Orlando universe.  It’s exciting and overwhelming! Where to start?

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