Jobs Outnumber Those Needing Them & Hiring Events

Jobs Outnumber Those Needing Them & Hiring Events

This week:

Jobs Outnumber Those Needing Them

For the first time on record, the number of jobs available in this country is greater than the number of those seeking them. Many are in industries with high-growth potential, especially in our region, like professional and business services, manufacturing, and hospitality. The good news for job seekers is they have more opportunities to find the “right fit” for their needs, which will also benefit the businesses employing them.  Prospective employees can be more selective, given a wider range of options available to them – Orlando trails only Austin in business service jobs created over the past five years, creating opportunities galore!

Looking ahead:

Hiring Events

CareerSource Florida and the Florida State Hispanic Chamber of Commerce are partnering with local workforce boards across the state to host several manufacturing and construction-themed hiring events for Floridians and Puerto Rico evacuees this week. Central Florida’s event takes place this Friday (June 15th) from 10 a.m. – 1 p.m. in Kissimmee.  These no-cost events are a great way for job seekers to connect with careers like construction managers, inspectors, welders, machinists, and electronic board assembly operators, to name a few. Manufacturing and construction are growing industries, and are vital to our continued economic growth – this strategic initiative is just-in-time!

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