Gig Economy Growing or Shrinking? & Three Californias?

Gig Economy Growing or Shrinking? & Three Californias?

This week:

Gig Economy Growing or Shrinking?

A new Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) report suggests the predicted gig economy “take-over” is all hype. The study reports fewer workers exclusively in the gig economy now than before Uber, which was supposed to redefine the workforce landscape. But the report doesn’t capture workers who do gig as a second job or as large, project-based contracts to supplement wages.  When I use Uber or Lyft, I ask drivers how they chose this work – often it is part time, and they still work another job(s).  This is a definite factor in Central Florida’s economy; to what degree we’ll see…

Looking ahead:

Three Californias?

A proposal to split California into three states goes before voters there later this year. I’m reminded that, even here in the land of magic, we’ve discussed splitting Florida into as many as five regional economies, and most recently into two halves (thankfully, neither idea took root – yet). When Aesop taught “In union there is strength,” I’m sure the status of Florida – or California, for that matter – weren’t top of mind. With the third biggest population in the nation and supernova-bright future, staying together seems to be the surest key to success – politically, economically, and financially – for both.

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