15 Years of the National Entrepreneur Center (NEC) & Jobs Forecast

15 Years of the National Entrepreneur Center (NEC) & Jobs Forecast

This week:

15 Years of the National Entrepreneur Center (NEC)

The National Entrepreneur Center (NEC) celebrated its 15th anniversary recently with a “Celebration of Collaboration” in Orlando. To say that tens of thousands of Central Florida businesses and business leaders have benefited over the years from the incredible diversity and accessibility of the NEC’s offerings would be only telling a small part of the story.  An innovative concept in 2003, the NEC is a shining example of what business, education, and government can do – together – when a vision is shared and a mission forged in unison. Central Florida’s economic outlook owes much of its luster to the bright idea…of the NEC.

Looking ahead:

Jobs Forecast

As Central Florida’s traffic woes continue during peak summer travel months, we’re literally – and figuratively – seeing around the curve to the latter part of this intensive project.  Accelerating on pace, we’re at the bend in the road looking ahead to the next 36 months. As I recently approached downtown from my house heading into work, I could see great progress at the 408 and I-4 intersection.  Let’s thank the thousands of construction workers serving day in and day out to complete this critically important initiative.  And there’s plenty of jobs out there; by 2025, an estimated 14,000 Jobs will be added in construction.

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