Board and Consortium Joint Meeting Reveals Big Plans for the New Year

New Appointments

With the election of Jerry Demings as the new Orange County Mayor (he succeeds Mayor Teresa Jacobs), the Consortium voted Lake County Commissioner Leslie Campione as new Chair and Seminole County Commissioner Lee Constantine as Vice Chair, then approved Craig Ducharme to fill the Sumter County Business Seat on the CSCF Board of Directors.

CareerSource Central Florida is very excited about the newly elected leadership who will continue guiding efforts to meet the Board’s priorities.

Commissioner Leslie Campione with Pam Nabors

Impact Model Adjustment

In addition to announcing the newly appointed positions, the Board approved a new impact model. The Career Services Committee (Committee) analyzed construction trends and CSCF training strategy for the past four years to help identify areas of opportunity. The Committee recommended realigning the impact model and career seeker targets for the remainder of this year to:

  • $2.5 million (25%) each in Construction and Healthcare
  • $1.3 million (12.5%) each in the remaining four industries: Advanced Manufacturing, Hospitality, Trade & Logistics and IT & Finance

The recommendation was approved for the reallocation of $1.2 million in training funds from Construction to Healthcare, Trade & Logistics, and IT & Finance, earmarking $400,000 per each sector, respectively, and correspond the adjusted goal for the numbers of career seekers who receive training and enter in those high growth industries.

Approved Adjusted Impact Model

Career Seekers Who Enter High-growth Industries

Esteemed Panel Discussion

This board meeting concluded with a special panel discussion on the current landscape of the workforce in construction. Moderated by CSCF Board Member Mark Wiley, the topics covered growth opportunities, proper training for entry-level positions, challenges the industry is facing and possible solutions to combat these difficulties.

Interesting perspectives from construction industry professionals were also part of the conversation.  Andrew Albu, President, Albu & Associates, Inc.; Debbie Rodriguez, Founder & President, iBuild Central Florida; Jim Sullivan, Training Director, Central Florida Electrical J.A.T.C.; and Tim Smith, Executive Vice President, Wharton-Smith, Inc. provided Insight and a more personal viewpoint of the construction landscape and how effective strategies that drive change could implemented.


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