New Engagement Strategy Yields 23 Percent Increase in Businesses since Q1

CareerSource Central Florida’s improved strategy for business engagement began by evaluating tactics and highlighting innovative approaches to help yield strong results. A more interactive and intrapreneurship model was implemented; providing CSCF Business Services Consultants opportunities to focus and advocate for the high-growth industries in most need. As a result, smaller, more targeted groups of 4-5 consultants per industry were formed.

These smaller groups allowed for collaborative strategy and facilitated a positive shift in achieving organizational goals. The new plan included empowering business consultants to enter the community and form organic relationships while maintaining and growing already established connections. The consultants increased momentum by participating in more local chamber events and networking with industry professionals to establish a pathway for partnerships.

The business team diligently worked to implement these new strategies and have gained success – growing CSCF’s business portfolio by 550 in only a month. This figure is a direct correlation to the transparent communication between leadership and business consultants. Moving forward, CSCF will continue to analyze and review best practices in order to keep improving traction with local businesses.

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