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Charlene Oliveras and her family moved to Central Florida as a result of Hurricane Maria’s devastation in Puerto Rico. After the direct hit, the situation on the island was dire, and Charlene’s husband lost his job. The future was uncertain, and the family made the difficult decision to leave a lifetime in Puerto Rico to look for new opportunities in Central Florida.

We love this! Recently, Johnny Robinson was a homeless veteran for several months. The Supportive Services for Veteran Families program (SSVF) helped him stabilize his living situation, but they required him to find a job in order to stay in their program. More on Mr. Robinson’s story

The country celebrated and honored Veterans during Veteran’s Day last month. But one day is not enough to honor those who’ve served. We extended the recognition throughout the month of November with two Paychecks for Patriots hiring events in Lake and Orange counties. Between the two events, Nearly 200 Veterans and their family members registered, along with several elected officials and dozens of employers in attendance to welcome and meet them. Read more…

Last month, we celebrated our first class of graduates from CodeSkool at our Southeast Career Center.

Twenty one young adults, aged 16-24, explored dynamic, future careers in Information Technology (IT). Participants gained hands-on experience in web development to build web applications. Read more..

Twenty-seven graduates walked the stage at a heartfelt YouthBuild graduation last month. All completed training in construction, warehouse, or trade and logistics! YouthBuild is designed for at-risk youth and high school dropouts and trains them for careers in the construction industry. More about YouthBuild

We recently rolled out an online survey facilitated by Integrated Insights to 600 of our niche customers in Central Florida to identify actionable insights to help inform us on how to improve marketing and service delivery. Read more…

“A special thank you to Lisa Milsap and Jenee Christian for checking up on me via email, phone or walk-in and making sure any questions I had were answered and making sure resources were available to me. You guys really made a difference and all of your efforts are deeply appreciated.”
Those words were just a small part of a note of appreciation received at the Seminole Center recently.

Business Services Consultant, Erin Flowers, embodies what being a CareerSourcer is all about. She recently reached out to Bayshore Interactive in her search to connect with new businesses. She went with a few resumes of some qualified candidates as she met with the owner. They hired one of those candidates, Miguel, who was an ITA completer that worked with Kathy Wilde and they are thrilled with them.

CSCF recently participated in a targeted patient healthcare job fair event for Orange County District 5 residents. We supported Southern Technical Institute WIOA participants who are seeking permanent employment in the CNA, HHA or PCA fields. Leah Rawlins represented to provide training information on our services. Read more…