May 2019

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Last month’s Board Retreat was a huge success, to say the least. With the most attendance in nearly seven years, we were able to deeply engage in our North Star vision to build a new future…together. Board Members alongside our executive leadership enjoyed a full-day of fun and interactive group activities aimed at carrying our organization forward as we redefined what career means.
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To increase awareness, build credibility and boost thoughtful leadership, we have implemented a more strategic approach when sharing our story with the media and the community. This includes sharing compelling stories about our services, conducting proactive pitches, weaving storytelling into our marketing strategies, and much more.
As a result of our efforts, we’re excited to announce our story has reached more than 188 million people so far. From our Board Members to front-line staff at our Career Centers, everyone has played a key role in ensuring that CSCF has a valuable story worth telling.
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The next time you drive on the highway or ride past a Lynx bus, you may notice a familiar Green, Orange and Blue logo gazing back at you. This is because our marketing team has been hard at work expanding visibility of our services for career seekers and businesses in Central Florida. Ranging from Construction to Culinary, these targeted campaigns serve to generate more awareness and increase the number of local residents we’re able to reach and impact.
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As you may know, our Lake Career Center is in the process of relocating to a newly revamped and reimagined space at Lake Sumter State College. We have been working diligently to ensure a smooth transition and are happy to announce that the new Lake Career Center will officially be open for business on Thursday, May 23, 2019.
Keep in mind this is a soft opening, meaning staff will be moving in and we will be open for business but there are still final touches to be made and our official Grand Opening will be soon to come.

The 2019-2020 Training Provider Applications are now open for submission. Central Florida schools are encouraged to submit and renew their applications for an opportunity to secure additional educational grants and become a premier educational partner of CSCF.
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In a time when the need for construction workers seems to outweigh the number of skilled workers available, IBUILD Central Florida has dedicated its purpose to changing the stigma related to technical schools and working in the construction industry.
And in late April, a team of our Business Services Consultants participated in the 2019 IBUILD Invitational designed to increase awareness of the construction industry by creating a synergy of organizations in Central Florida.
This was an awesome way of getting individuals excited about potential careers in construction and we were excited to be able to expand our network in the industry. Keep reading for more details and pictures from the 2019 IBUILD Invitational…