August 2019

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When President Kennedy declared we’d have a man on the moon – he didn’t know how we’d accomplish such a huge mission but that was his North Star vision. Similar to President Kennedy, our organization also has a bright North Star and that is to redefine what a career means…and we’re determined to fulfill it.
In our fourth quarter message, our President and CEO Pam Nabors sits down with Annmarie O’Brien, Veteran Program Manager, for an in-depth look into last year’s successes and what’s to come for this program year. They discuss Pam’s vision for CSCF and reveal some of the strategies set in place to continue launching our organization forward.
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Last year, with nearly 500 participants in our Summer Youth Program, we challenged ourselves to impact even more young adults by doubling our enrollment goal this year to 1,000 students. Stepping up to the plate, our youth team secured thousands of applications and provided premium resources to 800 young adults to ignite their potential and help them discover career options that best fit their interests.
The dedication from our youth staff members, local businesses and of course, the students, has made this our most successful summer yet and we can’t wait to see what next year has in store.

While visiting from Tallahassee, Ken Lawson, the new Executive Director of Florida’s Department of Economic Opportunity (DEO), paid a quick visit to the West Career Center to personally see how we do things in the field. Mr. Lawson was taken on a comprehensive tour of the facility by West’s Career Services Manager, Ryan Ridley and even took the time to personally introduce himself to all members of the staff.

We are undoubtedly in the middle of a digital revolution. The introduction of artificial intelligence, virtual reality and now, autonomous vehicles, serve as evidence of just how rapidly things are changing in the world…and Central Florida is no different.
In just a few short weeks, Orange County will be hosting its annual Florida Simulation Summit (FSS) at the Orange County Convention Center. This year, FSS will be in conjunction with TechMatch, an event allowing small technology companies to meet with high level executives to curate an opportunity to advance business.
As an annual sponsor, we get the opportunity to learn more about the industry and connect with local tech companies to help bridge opportunities for local career seekers. Interested to learn more? Click here for more info.

Twice a year, our organization provides support at the Central Florida Disability Chamber of Commerce’s Veterans Business Initiative program. The fall program will be kicking off on September 10th through November 5th and is open to veterans, their spouses and family members who are looking to develop and refine their business acumen while establishing a meaningful career.