To better connect our local youth to career prosperity, we have officially launched our 2019 Summer Youth Program. In its third year, the program has been revamped to include two additional program paths, an extended age group and a goal of impacting 1,000 young adults in Central Florida.
Keep reading to find out how we’re preparing youth for success in tomorrow’s workforce, while partnering with educators and local businesses to help ignite their potential in the early stages of their career journeys.

Keeping the Board, staff and local community actively engaged is no easy task but we’ve had quite an active month this past February. From Pam hosting Town Hall Meetings at all locations to CSCF receiving the Personal Empowerment Corporate Award from the Central Florida Urban League – we’ve been on the move spreading the word all about the great resources CSCF has to offer.
Watch this short video depicting just how CSCF is able to inspire people, transform businesses and elevate the community…

With just two quarters left in the program year, CSCF has already achieved nearly 70% of its annual goal to enroll career seekers into specialized training programs within the six high-growth industries.
Keep reading to find out how CSCF is making strides toward transforming businesses and creating enhanced opportunities for career seekers.

Exciting changes are happening at CareerSource Central Florida. Last week, appointments were made and the landscape of how investments are strategically distributed across the six high-growth industries were enhanced. Click here to find out more details and what else the Board has in store for the rest of the program year.

See what key insights Pam Nabors, CSCF President & CEO, has to share with you as she reflects back on the first quarter of the 2018-19 program year.
Big successes, major milestones and what’s coming are discussed in this one-on-one conversation you won’t want to miss!

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