CareerSource Central Florida convenes partners, designs programs, coordinates services, and invests funds to help career seekers acquire the skills they need to support themselves and to meet the staffing needs of regional industry. CareerSource Central Florida is continuously working to integrate workforce programs and services funded by other partner agencies to align resources, increase efficiency, and generate better outcomes for career seekers.

Through the creation of the Partner Collaboration Network, we have strategically connected over 20 community agencies for training and employment services while leveraging expertise and providing the necessary support to maximize successful participation. CareerSource Central Florida believes that this aligned approach helps move career seekers into a career-track employment through a coordinated progression of services and resources. One main outreach portal are the ambassadors that represent the five counties.

The ambassadors include:

County Ambassador

Osceola: Larry Walter

Orange: Jody Sweet

Lake: Sheri Olson

Seminole: Richard Sweat

Sumter: Chuck Todd

Additional Ambassadors include members of the Community Engagement Committee.

CareerSource Central Florida Ambassadors enhance organization awareness using the following techniques:

  • Communicating CareerSource Central Florida messages to peers and other key leaders
  • Understanding the organization’s mission
  • Coordinating Regional Partnership opportunities
  • Helping grow the number of employers exploring workforce services
  • Increasing outreach opportunities to benefit the organization
  • Working to improve coordination between the organization, regional partners, and the community
  • Motivating others to utilize workforce services
  • Supporting and connecting CareerSource Central Florida with regional partner organizations, community service organizations, businesses, and key leaders throughout the Central Florida community

Ambassadors support connections by:

  • Placing outreach calls to peers regarding CareerSource Central Florida services
  • Attending widely-held community events to share details about the organization
  • Incorporating CareerSource Central Florida into conversation
  • Promoting CareerSource Central Florida to less active employers
  • Promoting CareerSource Central Florida to prospective employers
  • Presenting CareerSource Central Florida Organization Elevator Speech to peer organizations and associations
  • Introducing Employ Florida Marketplace to peer business contacts
  • Introducing Central Florida talent to CareerSource Central Florida

Who Can Be An Ambassador?

  • CareerSource Central Florida Board of Directors
  • CareerSource Central Florida Committee Members
  • CareerSource Central Florida Executive Team Members
  • Members of the local EDCs, chambers, civic organizations, and local governments
  • Employers who have utilized our services and are passionate about our role
  • CareerSource Central Florida Success Story Customers