Employee Training

Build and retain your team using resources designed to boost productivity and increase efficiency. Our training services provide necessary tools to elevate employee skills, giving your business a competitive edge in the workforce.

Incumbent Worker Training

Upgrade your existing team’s skills to improve retention and advancement in your company, with financial assistance provided through the Workforce Innovation Opportunity Act (WIOA)

Training program benefits included:

  • Improved company efficiency
  • Increased employee retention
  • Heightened employee morale
  • Better-trained employees resulting in an increase in productivity

* The tax incentives referenced are subject to change based on funding. This list is for general reference only, and is not a legal document.

On-the-Job Training

Choose from a talented pool of candidates using tools and assistance provided by CareerSource Central Florida. On-the-Job Training provides the opportunity to train new hires in their actual work environment, while a portion of the employee’s wages may be reimbursed to the employer during the training period.

Training program benefits include:

  • Hands-on training designed to improve new hires’ skills
  • Cost savings on employee wages during training
  • Direct employer oversight on employee progress and development
  • Assistance in identifying the talent you seek, thus reducing time, effort, and money spent on recruitment