We request all staff,  working or not, please click here to complete this Safety Survey. If inaccessible, call 407-531-1262.

Hurricane Irma Notice


We wanted to update you on the status of the Osceola Career Services Center. Due to issues from last night’s storm and roofing repairs due to the Hurricane, the Osceola Career Services Center closed today at 10:00 a.m. Plans are to have the Center remain closed on Monday. Staff at the Osceola Center will report for work at other Career Centers on Monday. Goodwill has agreed to host a CSCF team member at their Osceola location on Monday to deliver SNAP/WT services.

CSCF leadership team members and facility crews will assess the repair situation at Osceola on Monday – we will notify you once we know the re-opening schedule for Osceola.

Latest Update:

ALL CSCF locations opened to the public this morning.  Great job everyone!! Please remember to put a cone or other deterrent (like a chair) under a wet or damaged portion of the ceiling to keep staff and customers from walking under it.  The same holds true for any wet spots on the floor; the less traffic that tromps over it the easier it will be to clean if it’s at all salvageable.  Also – regardless of how curious you are – please do not access areas in your center that IT and/or Facilities have blocked off or locked because the space is unusable and/or dangerous.  Thanks so much for your ongoing cooperation in maintaining safety for your co-workers and the public. All the landlords have been contacted regarding damages and we are actively working with them to get repairs resolved.


Information is being gathered about Satellite Offices in Sumter, Bithlo, and SNAP partner sites and will be available tomorrow.  All staff assigned to satellites should report to their home location/center until further notice.


Recording time in ADP:

Today & Friday: Regular days at work with all six offices opening at 8:00 am.  All staff working – code time to regular wages.   For those who need more time at home – you will be required to use PTO hours.  As always, if you cannot make it to work, please contact your manager to let them know.


Once again – Here is the link to the staff survey: STAFF IRMA SURVEY .  We are requesting ALL STAFF – at work or at home –  fill out the survey BY NOON TODAY to help us fully understand the needs of our teams.


Attached above are two documents – one is regarding FEMA assistance. ALL of Florida has been designated a disaster area, so everyone is eligible to register for assistance.  I’ve highlighted the registration information in the document.  The other one is info about virtual doctor appointments for you and your family who may need to see a physician but cannot get to one.  Let me know if you have any questions about either one of these documents.


Here’s a link that will help you find open gas stations that have power and gas in your area:  www.tracker.gasbuddy.com


Thanks so much for all your efforts in getting CSCF back to work.  Thanks for your continued support, flexibility  and dedication.