Create & Post a Resume

CareerSource Central Florida (CSCF) offers multiple tools to help you create your resume such as webinars, CSCF Optimal Resume, in-office workshops, and online tips. Also, CSCF allows you to post your resume in our online database, Employ Florida Marketplace, so your resume can be searched by employers and by CSCF staff members as they match job seekers to employers.

Post Your Resume on CSCF’s Online Database

Post your resume online today. This statewide database, Employ Florida Marketplace, is searched by employers to fill open positions and by CSCF staff members who match jobs seekers with open positions throughout the community. Remember to include as much information as possible. This will help employers and CSCF staff find your resume when they search for keywords about the position they are trying to fill. (Note: the Employ Florida Marketplace website will appear as a pop-up window, so please set your browser to allow pop-ups. Because Employ Florida Marketplace is federally funded, you will be required to provide your social security number to post your resume.)

View a Webinar on Posting Your Resume in Employ Florida Marketplace

Find tips and strategies on topics ranging from EEO, and FLSA to sample interviewing questions, tips on recruiting, writing effective recruitment ads and more.


OptimalResume provides step-by-step instructions and examples to build your resume, cover letter, portfolio, video resume and a career website online.



Watch a Webinar on CSCF OptimalResume

This webinar provides a general overview of CSCF’s OptimalResume, which provides an online resume builder, cover letter builder, portfolio builder and interview preparation exercise and allows you to create a video resume and a career website, all at no cost.

Watch a Resume Writing Webinar

This webinar is a general guide to resume creation best practices. It outlines the essential parts of a resume, describes “do’s and don’ts” and introduces the job seeker to CareerSource Central Florida’s Optimal Resume service.

Tips for Writing Your Resume

In less than 45 seconds you have the opportunity to make a lasting impression with your resume. Find tips that will assist you in adding value to your resume and cover letter here.

How to Write Your First Resume

Are you about to write your very first resume? Visit this page for tips on how to start.