Welcome to the CareerSource Central Florida Career Café, where the stories are real, the services come a la carte, and you’re free to dine indoors or al fresco. So pull up a chair, loosen that tie, and just sit back, relax and chill with your favorite beverage as our “barista supreme” takes you on a visceral journey through sight, sound, emotion, and epiphany, with a few extra squirts of “aha” thrown in for sweetness.

Episode 4: Stick to the Path: The Career Path
Even the longest journey begins with the first step. You can quote us on that, but it’s true, and just as applicable to the life-long career path. Whether you keep the same career for 50 years, or diverge multiple times into a plethora of careers and jobs, the journey is much the same. And it always, always involves personal growth, and usually includes a stumble or two along the way. But CareerSource Central Florida has a plan to help you. And guess what? It’s a plan. Career Pathing is more than a way to turn a job into a career. And it doesn’t matter if you change jobs or even industries. With Career Pathing, you can…and will…get from here to there, wherever you want there to be.

Episode 3: Custom Fit Careers
You can get a suit tailored. You get your hair cut to order. You can get a soy latte or mocha chi no foam cappuccino, any size, hot or chilled. You can even test drive a car before you buy it. But what about a career? What about a test run for the talent you need to hire? Sure, there are probation periods, but wouldn’t you like to know before you fill out all that paperwork that career and career-seeker are the right match? We know we would, and that’s why CareerSource Central Florida works with businesses and career seekers to help them find the right candidate or career to fit their needs. From on-the-job training to paid internships and more focused, personalized service, you may find a custom-fit career is more within reach than you thought…

Episode 2: Central Florida’s Best Kept Secret
What does it mean to be a best kept secret, and more importantly, once you tell it, is it no longer a secret? While you sit and cogitate on that for a while…of course it’s no longer a secret! Don’t be ridiculous! Once you tell it, someone else knows. And then they tell someone, and they tell someone else, and so on – but only if the secret is worth sharing! Aha! Well, we have a secret, and we think it’s worth sharing. So we’re going to let you in on it. But only if you don’t tell anyone else – deal? And hey, don’t tell anyone we told you…’k? Good. Now go listen to this (you’ll never believe what he said about…!).

Episode 1: Millennials: What ARE They Thinking?
Unlike Global Warming, the Generation Gap is real. Got your attention? Good. Alright, while we may be kidding about Global Warming (or maybe we’re not…the jury’s still out as far as we’re concerned), we’re totally serious about this. Like it or not, there is a generation gap in workplaces across the country, if not the world, and we’re not talking about the store with all the great sweaters. What’s worse is that this gap of the ages appears to be widening, as more generations are working together in the same place, at the same time, than ever before. Mature/Silents, Baby Boomers, Gen Xers, Gen Ys (aka Millennials), and even a few Gen Zs (aka Boomlets) all have different approaches to how they see, and respond to, life, work, and play. And since the Millennials are the true freshmen of the bunch, they can often bear the brunt of scrutiny. So let’s scrutinize them, and get to the bottom (or the top, depending on your point of reference) of what Millennials are thinking, and how we can better manipulate them to our will (ok, maybe not so much that last part).