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Episode 1: Millennials: What ARE They Thinking?
Unlike Global Warming, the Generation Gap is real. Got your attention? Good. Alright, while we may be kidding about Global Warming (or maybe we’re not…the jury’s still out as far as we’re concerned), we’re totally serious about this. Like it or not, there is a generation gap in workplaces across the country, if not the world, and we’re not talking about the store with all the great sweaters. What’s worse is that this gap of the ages appears to be widening, as more generations are working together in the same place, at the same time, than ever before. Mature/Silents, Baby Boomers, Gen Xers, Gen Ys (aka Millennials), and even a few Gen Zs (aka Boomlets) all have different approaches to how they see, and respond to, life, work, and play. And since the Millennials are the true freshmen of the bunch, they can often bear the brunt of scrutiny. So let’s scrutinize them, and get to the bottom (or the top, depending on your point of reference) of what Millennials are thinking, and how we can better manipulate them to our will (ok, maybe not so much that last part).